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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Woven Web of Wonders

Hope this doesn't scare you off and creep you out too much, but I have been wanting to take a photo of this little guy's web for about a week now. His web is still attached to my mailbox, and I just cannot make myself tear it down. I am really not a fan of spiders at all, but look at the detail of that web!  I just took this with my 18-55 kit lens and it was terribly windy (really needed a macro and tripod), but I wasn't really after the details of the spider as much as the details of the web he has woven. Stay with me now…and excuse me, while I ponder this woven web wonder…
Woven with pattern...this is a work of art…flawed, yes…but do the flaws enhance the interest?
     Makes me wonder about my own flaws. Do they make me more interesting? 
     Why do I often try to cover them up then?
Woven with pain...looks like he dropped a stitch here and there, but that seems to make his home all the more unique.
     Life's pains have made me drop MANY a stitch along the way, 
     but that doesn't void the value of the stitches I have sewn with care, does it?
     I get insecure. I get worried and depressed. I get distracted. Then, I make a mess. 
     I keep trying to tidy up…but do I learn to make a masterpiece with the material God has given?
Woven with passion...he was hanging on for dear life with every gust of wind that blew. He showed such strength and courage.
     My huge face was causing him to be frozen, but it wasn't causing him to flee. 
     Maybe he did flinch, but who wouldn't have with all the racket I was causing in the bushes!
     My life has been full of gusts of wind strong enough to blow my feet from under me… 
     but I have always managed to get back up….not by my own strength, mind you.
Woven with perseverance.
     With all the stuff life throws at us, we keep going. Honestly, sometimes I just want to
     give up. Things sure are out of my control. 
     Life doesn't always fit together the way I planned it. 
     Friends come and go.
     People don't behave as I expect. I don't behave as hoped. 
     Tragic things happen. My head hurts. My mind gets numb. 
     Do I give up or throw a tantrum, because I don't understand it all?
     Or do I choose to feel blessed to be a part of the bigger picture and learn to see the beauty 
     each and every moment? 

Makes me very glad that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. 
(Hebrews 13:8).
Woven with a purpose...look how he has his little lunch packed in different spots. What higher power has given him such intricate instincts with such an itty-bitty brain?
     Charlotte and E.B. White would be proud of this little guy. He is really "Some Pig"
     and terribly "Terrific."
     He was thinking of his kids. Saving for their future. He was sacrificing his momentary
     fears to provide a promised inheritance.
     I think that is a "Radiant" way to live! I do hope that I can choose to live more sacrificially
     in the future and be thinking more about others than myself.
     (Sorry, you have to be a Charlotte's Web fan to get this last part).
There are so many more webby wonders I could add, but that is enough for now….
So, yep, that is how I feel right now….just woven. Woven with all the colors of the wind….isn't that a song? Ha!